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Our flights in numbers

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  Turkije/Brussel 2.739,79 km Brussel/Turkije 2.739,79 km Brussel/Beijing 7.961,50 km Beijing/Shanghai 1.067,21 km Shanghai/Beijing 1.067,21 km Beijing/Brussel 7.961,50 km Brussel/Göteborg 908,14 km Göteborg/Brussel 908,14 km Brussel/Amsterdam 173,83 km Amsterdam/Shanghai 8.873,18 km Shanghai/Phuket 3.526,34 km Phuket/Shanghai 3.526,34 km Shanghai/Kunming 1.960,01 km Kunming/Dubai 4.746,10 km Dubai/Brussel 5.149,36 km Brussel/Londen 320,67 km Londen/Brussel 320,67 km Brussel/Dubai 5.149,36 km Dubai/Kunming […]

Wanderlust Blues

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Yes, we all know that Wanderlust Addicts have sometimes the blues called: JET LAG! Fatigue and disorientation occur when the body’s natural time setting goes awry while traveling across time zones. The symptoms: exhaustion low energy loss of focus confusion headaches difficulty falling a sleep at night when the body is no longer in sync with […]