Road Trip USA

An unforgettable adventure of 4200 km on the westside of America! Enjoy reading!

Get your kicks on Route 66 – Movie of our trip to the West!

Day 1: From Pudong to Los Angeles

Day 2: From Palm Springs to Needles

Day 3: From Needles to Williams

Day 4: From Williams to Page

Day 5: From Page to St. George

Day 6 & 7: Viva Las Vegas & hooverdam

Day 8: From Las Vegas to Bakersfield

Day 9: From Bakersfield to Fresno

Day 10 & 11: Arrived in San Francisco

Day 12: From San Francisco to Santa Cruz

Day 13: From Santa Cruz to Santa Monica

Day 14: Venice Beach & Hollywood

Day 15: Universal Studios

Day 16: Disney California Adventure

Day 17: Disneyland California