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MSC Cruise – Caribbean and Antilles

MSC Cruise – Caribbean and Antilles

Itinerary details of this cruise



  • Day 1: Miami, Florida
  • Day 2: At sea
  • Day 3: Ocho Rios, Jamaica
  • Day 4: George Town, Cayman Island
  • Day 5: Cozumel, Mexico
  • Day 6: At sea
  • Day 7: Nassau, Bahamas
  • Day 8; Miami, Florida



After two lovely days spend in Miami it’s time to get on board on the MSC DIVINA, #1 Best Large Cruise Ship – Travvy Awards 2016

From MSC Divina’s real stone ‘piazza’ to the incredible Casino Veneziano and the Broadway-size Pantheon Theatre, the onboard experience is incredible. Feel like a star on the Swarovski crystal staircases or find inner calm in the gorgeous Infinity Pool, which extends seamlessly out to sea and the horizon beyond. Perfect to watch the beautiful sunrises and sunsets.


Port of Miami

After boarding we can upgrade our cruise with some ‘drink packages’ they offer. With a wide variety of bars and restaurants on board this is a must have! Although we recommend you to add this while you book your cruise. It’s cheaper when you add it upfront.


  • Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Every evening, they will give you a brochure with all the details about your next destination. In this brochure you can also find all the activities that are planned the next day, which shows there are at the Pantheon Theatre, the weather forecast and also which excursions you can book with MSC.

It’s nice to have an idea of all the things you can do, but in my opinion the prices are a little bit too high for the excursions they offer. Everywhere you go you will find local people who offer you just the same for less money. And I rather give my money to the locals, to be honest.

We find this amazing tour guide/taxi driver, who gives us a ride to the ‘Blue Hole’. See for yourself, it was absolutely amazing.

MSC DIVINA: 330 meters long & 68 meters high

This funny guy sold some of his own-made ‘happy brownies’

 Jamaica is divided into fourteen parishes

After a short walk we arrive the ‘Blue Hole’


Happy happy, joy joy

Our personal guide of the day

Local market with all handcrafted paintings, masks,..

Cool reggae-grandpa coming through!

This friendly guy was selling roasted chestnuts

Margaritaville – Heaven, I must be in heaven

Absolutely stunning view with the MSC Divina on the background

View from the upper deck of the cruise – Port of Ocho Rios


  • George Town, Cayman Islands

For ocean lovers like us, a trip to the Cayman Islands would be incomplete without a visit to Stingray City. We can get up real close with these friendly, southern stingrays.

Clear blue water

Females grow to about a 1,80 m span, while males about 0,60 m. Its maximum weight is about 97 kg.

U.S. Coast Guard

Disney cruise

White Party at the upper deck. Shake your moneymaker!


  • Cozumel, Mexico

We didn’t plan any excursion today. We just walked through all these lovely streets, tasted a lot of different tequila shots and had the best burrito in the world.

It has great beaches, nice people, and safe streets, with prices comparable to other Mexican tourist destinations. It was badly battered in 2005 by Hurricane Wilma, but, with few exceptions, has been completely repaired.

Good name for this ‘local taxi’ – DO NOT STEP

In the TIKI TIKI TIKI – car..

Let’s make some musicaaaaaa…

Time for some tequila – BOOM BOOM

Cars and Jeeps are available for rent at multiple locations. At Cruise terminals, one day rental costs roughly between US$45-$80 for most of models without insurance.

Just how cool is this graffiti wall?

Empress of the Seas

Feeling kinda ‘ienie-minie’ standing between the MSC Divina & Empress of the Seas

In the evening, we enjoy this amazing show dedicated to Michael Jackson.


  • Nassau, Bahamas

Our last stop of this cruise. We do a little shop at the ‘Straw Market’, have lunch, sightsee and enjoy the tropical climate and the white sand beaches. The busiest part of central city is the Bay Street thoroughfare and the Woodes Rogers Walk, located across the street from the port.

Look at that beautiful smile

Famous Straw-Market

In every size, every color. You name it, they got it.

Talking of a fancy female police officer

Aaaaaah, fresh coconuts, my favorite!

Only on Tuesdays?

Our last day has come to an end. We enjoyed our time on this cruise SOOO much.

One last shot of the beautiful Port of Miami before we say goodbye to the free-flow cocktails, all you can eat-buffet, lazy afternoons in the sun,…

It’s definitely hard to say goodbye but we enjoyed every single minute of this amazing trip!

Next stop: NEW YORK, BABY!

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