Zhujiajiao – Ancient Town

Our family is visiting us in the beginning of October for two weeks, so we thought it would be nice if we could let them see a little bit more of the 'real China'.

Zhujiajiao is located in the Qingpu District of Shanghai. About 50 km away from the Bund.

You have two ways to get there, with the bus or with the taxi. The most relaxing way to me is going with the taxi. We ordered a 'DiDi' (Click to download this application) upfront and we only paid between 180-200 RMB to get there.

Or you can take a regular taxi and show them this address:

  • Chinese: 朱家角 Zhūjiā Jiǎo /joo-jyaa jyaoww/ 'Zhu Family Settlement'

Must do when you're here is enjoy a boat trip with one of the 'canal gondolas'.

These small gondolas are a nice way to get a view of the town from the water. Each gondola can seat 6 people, and they are available for two kinds of trips - short distance (65 RMB per boat) and long distance (125 RMB per boat).

Fangsheng Bridge is one of the main attractions among the ancient 36 stone bridges, some only one yard wide. It was built in 1812 and is said to be the largest stone arch bridge in Shanghai, resting on five arches, about 70 meters long, and 5.8 meters tall.

When we pass all these interesting things while we're on the boat we can't stop noticing all these people dressed up in traditional Chinese costumes. We can not wait to check it out ourselves.

We took the 'long distance' boat which was not that long to us. After 20 minutes we already arrive at our stopping place. First we enjoy a lovely lunch before we go out and explore these lovely, old streets.

Time to dress up and have some fun. Along the way you will find a lot of shops where you can rent beautiful traditional Chinese clothes. They will do your makeup and hair for only 50 RMB per person. When you're all set, you have 30 minutes to take pictures. The place is really crowded, so time is money. If you want them to take pictures, you'll pay around 100 RMB per person.

Strike a pose!

When daylight falls the place even gets more beautiful.

Inviting kitchen.

Stinky tofu. You will never pass it without noticing, believe me. 

Some typical fruits like lotus root, durian, lychee, snake fruit,...

Candy made of sesame seeds, very delicious!

Local butcher.

I highly recommend this day trip to Zhujiajiao!


Have you also visited a water town close to Shanghai? If yes, which place would you recommend to go? I would love to hear it!

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