We book a weekend getaway with 'Ok, DealClub' to Moganshan.

Moganshan is a mountain top tourist region near Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China. It is a good weekend retreat from Shanghai, as it is only a 2.5 hour drive west. It is busiest in July and August, when the weather in the cities and valleys below is much hotter.

Ways to get there:

  • Book a trip like we did
  • Take the taxi
  • Go with the high speed train to Hangzhou, once you're there you can take a taxi to your hotel

Must see/do:

  • Top of the mountain (hiking)
  • Bamboo forests
  • Tea fields
  • Old stone houses
  • Cycling
  • Rafting


The total cost of this trip is 690 RMB per person. It includes transportation with the shuttle Bus, one-night accommodation in a 3 star Hotel, 3 meals in three days, tour place entrance fee and a bonfire party.

After 3.5 hours drive we arrive our destination: Mogan Mountain Huzhou City Zhejiang Province (浙江 湖州 莫干山)

When we arrive in the hotel, which is around noon, we first enjoy a lunch before we go hike the top of the mountain. Enjoy the fresh air and the beautiful views along the way!

There is a nice park with walking trails at the very top of the mountain. Half way up is the center of the quaint village, made mainly of stone houses, many of which were built in the early 1900's. 

Below the village is a series of pools and waterfalls that go down a steep canyon. You will need your Moganshan entry ticket to go all the way in. After this long hike we can enjoy this refreshment a lot! 

Time for some drinks and food now! Ok, DealClub! arranged a bonfire party at the hotel. We have met some amazing people during this weekend.

At our second day it's time for some cycling and rafting!


Thanks Ok, Deal! for this lovely weekend!

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