How to do Miami in 4 days?

We were a couple of days in Miami, 2 days before our Caribbean cruise and 2 days after our cruise. So definitely enough time to explore some of this lovely city!

We absolutely loved spending our time here. The Latin-influenced culture, the vibe, the energy, the white and blue buildings erecting into the skyline, the Art Deco hotels, the food, the beach, the people. Just about everything.

So here are all the things you can or better, must do, when you’re planning a trip to Miami + also some tips to make your stay here even more pleasant!


  • Book your tickets & arrange a rental car

We booked our tickets through CTrip again and we flown with Americain Airlines. From Pudong, to Dallas and to our final destination: Miami.

Our second time we booked a flight with this airline and we love it! Good service, seats, food & also good drinks!

For the car we rented with Dollar. After arriving in Miami we immediately could pick up our car!

They gave us a very nice offer so definitely check out their website!



Our ride:


Oh, and don’t forget to pick up your SIM card for the USA! In that way you can still make some phone calls and have 4G on your phone. (150 RMB = 20 EURO)


  • Book your stay

We booked our stay with AirBnb. You can search for lodging using a variety of filters including lodging type, dates, location, and price,… There are a lot of reviews if you want to make sure that you picked a good one!

We stayed at ‘Casa Caroline‘ in the area of Miami Lakes.

Caroline’s place is in a beautiful and peaceful area close to a variety of restaurants, cafes, Starbucks & Dunkin Donuts next to each other. (Aaaah, perfection)

The room was spacious, clean and very comfortable. We also had direct access from our room to the veranda/balcony which faces the lake.


Panorama view from the lake:


Every morning she made us some delicious, healthy breakfast:

We also made a 5K run in this area, so nice to wake up with views like this:


The balcony was the perfect place to hang out in the evening or eat breakfast in the morning. Caroline and her husband Michael are both amazing people, kind, generous and incredibly helpful. We thoroughly enjoyed our time at ‘Casa Caroline‘ and warmly recommend it to everyone.


  • Visit some nice outlet-malls 

Dolphin Mall:

Great selection of stores like MK, Tommy Hilfiger, Coach, Victoria Secret, Ralph Lauren,…

There are a lot of places to eat and there’s also a band playing music in the weekends.

Sawgrass Mills:

Outside & inside shopping mall with all of the top brands.

Once inside there were 4 avenues to shop in, with very little repetition of stores. They say it’s the best in Miami.


  • The Everglades

The Everglades is often compared to a grassy, slow-moving river, the Everglades is made up of coastal mangroves, sawgrass marshes and pine flatwoods that are home to hundreds of animal species.

We book our airboat-tour tickets online through the website of Gator Park.

When you book online you’ll get a discount of $5. So now we pay $19,99 and our ticket included an airboat tour, a wildlife show & Gator park.

We saw some baby-alligators and two big ones! Yeeeej!


Let the show begin:


  • Visit Little Havana 


This nice area is full of Latin-inspired cafes, restaurants and markets that give space and a voice to all the different backgrounds that have taken root in the neighborhood.
Here you’ll find locals grabbing an afternoon cortado or a fresh fruit batido, grabbing the best mojito in the world, smoke a cigar from the many shops you’ll find here and eating solid authentic dishes from all over Latin America.
You also can find ‘Calle Ocho, Walk of Fame’. This Little Havana version of the Hollywood attraction began as a way to recognise Cuban celebrities.
Everywhere you go you will find amazing graffiti walls!
One of the many cigar shops you can find here, where they still make their own cigars.
  • Wynwood walls
A living neighborhood packed with art, culture, and innovation. In just a few short years, the former warehouse district of Wynwood has become the arts hub of South Florida.
From here you can discover all of the cool street art, also quite a lot cheap places to drink and eat.
  • Miami Beach
Miami Beach is a tropical paradise year round complete with a thriving arts community, a busy business center and breath taking turquoise water.
Ocean Drive is one of the most famous boulevards in the city, the country, or maybe even the world.
It is characterized by art deco buildings, constant streams of crowds and glittering hotels and club fronts in the nighttime.
The beach:
When we were passing the boulevard we saw a whole crew filming. After a few minutes waiting we saw Sean Paul! He was here for making his new music-video.
We were there, on the first row.
 The video is already online. Click here to watch it…
And I even have a selfie with the only and only Sean. Whoop Whoop!
We have a lovely dinner at the boulevard and enjoy a little drink:

  • Key Largo

Normally we had planned to go to Key West, but it’s more than a 3 hour-drive form Miami. And our lovely Caroline from AirBnb told us that Key Largo & Key West are very similar.

We wanted to dive or maybe snorkel a little bit here but because of the weather every trip was cancelled. (?!?, That day it was 27 degrees and a nice little breeze)

I think the weather was to nice for these guys to work! 🙂

So instead, we enjoyed the surrounding. Had a drink at the Marriott Beach Hotel and visited some lovely souvenir shops.


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