People’s Square and Park

In the center of Shanghai you will find People’s Square. In this well-kept park where you will find a moment of serene rest.

Beautiful water bodies interspersed with beautifully landscaped planting together, form a beautiful image.

Every weekend between 10:00 and 17:00 you will find the ‘The Shanghai Marriage Market’!

Parents sit here on the ground with their child’s biographies stuck on an umbrella. It contains details such as length, weight, hobbies, work and income.

As we walk here, we feel the eyes of curious mothers who approve us from head to toe while we pass.


After this comic show, we make a walk through the park and we see all the beauty that this park has to offer. Here you can find a lot of outdoor bettors, who bet for a few RMB. But also musicians with their Chinese guitar who like to turn their repertoire into something Western.


After our walk we continue to the tourist center called: West Nanjing Road.

It’s the main shopping street of Shanghai and is one of the world’s busiest shopping streets. The street is named after the city of Nanjing, capital of Jiangsu province neighbouring Shanghai.


We wander around in a different world surrounded by the lights of Chinese neon advertisements and thousands of Chinese.


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