FFC – Former French Concession

The French Concession is the area of Shanghai once assigned to the French.

The centrally located ‘Huaihai Road’ is a busy shopping street today. But the tree lined lanes, and their many mansions, still radiate the Eastern Paris atmosphere.

It is popular for many places and for many reasons. It has a lot of history and beauty on it’s name.

Here you have a huge variety of hip cafes, restaurants, concept bars, breweries, boutiques, galleries, etc.

Everybody will enjoy this area for sure!

I first check out Fuxing Park. The main entrance is at the cross street of Fuxingzhong Road and Chongqingnan Road. Go visit this place in the early morning if possible, the park fills with dancers, card players, mahjong enthusiasts, and tai chi solo and group artists.


Typical Chinese dishes.


To absorb the best of the FFC, focus on the following streets: Wukang Lu, Fuxing Lu, Tai’an Lu, Dongping Lu, Julu Lu, Taojiang Lu, Wulumuqi Lu, Yongfu Lu, Xinle Lu and Changle Lu.


Located in the downtown of Shanghai’s French Concession, Huaihai Road is one of the busiest shopping streets in Shanghai. It is known to all that Huaihai Road is Shanghai’s most beautiful and fashionable street with the best emotional appeal.

You will pass a famous shopping called IAPM.


Try the street food, until now I never had a bad experience!


How to get there with the subway?

Take metro Line 1 , it runs along Huaihai and Hengshan Roads. Stations in the French Concession are S. Huangpi Road, S. Shaanxi Road, which is fairly central, Hengshan Road and Xujiahui, which is one of the biggest metro stations in Shanghai. That’s where we live by the way..


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