Expat Show 2015

Through various apps like HiShanghai and SmartShanghai, we stay informed of the various events here in Shanghai.

Going to the Expat Show is the perfect way to meet representatives of different companies here in Shanghai.

Various sectors are included, such as: health care, tourism, associations, lifestyle, decoration, etc.

The perfect place for newcomers like us!


And yes, also here they know something about delicious food. Mr. Waffle is a stand that sells very good Belgian Waffles! Visit their website to check out some more!


They also had a Champagne bar, of course we couldn’t pass this one without trying out their menu.


Belgian Beers!


There was also a stand were we could have a little wine tasting. This organisation is called BottlesXO. On the website you will also find a link to download their application.

‘Fine wine & beer chilled. Delivered. Now.’


I definitly recommend going to this nice event. You will learn so many things that will definitely make your life easier when you’re living here in Shanghai!


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