Trip to the Yellow Mountains – Huangshan

Here in Shanghai you have many different travel agencies such as: C-Trip, Wanna Travel, CITS, China Dragon Adventures, etc.

We monitor these also frequently so we stay updated of all the nice trips they have to offer.

We see that “Dragon Adventures” is offering a weekend in Huangshan, where you can climb the Yellow Mountains.



We leave on Friday night around 19:00 at People’s Square (subway station) in Shanghai.

The ride is quite smooth. We also stop several times on the way so we can stretch our legs. As you can see it takes us 5 hours to get to Huangshan.


Around one o’clock in the morning we arrive to our hotel near the Yellow Mountains. We crawl into our bed quickly because the next morning they expect us around half past seven at breakfast.


After a short but wonderful sleep we are ready to climb the Yellow Mountains!

They take us with the cable car to a height of 600 meters. For the real hard-die fans, you also can go by foot. Our tour guide already warned us that this will be a ‘hell of a day for our feet’ so we played safe and took the cable car.


After another 1000 meters steps, our journey really can start. The view is already promising.


My superman impresses everybody by lifting up this heavy rock. 😉


Thousands stages await us today but we are constantly rewarded with magnificent views.


Incredible how they all bring the food and drinks all the way up to supply the hotels & restaurants. Knowing that their destination is only reached after thousands of steps. No cable car for those poor guys. Apparently, these workers are paid per kilo they bring up. I’m speechless.


Talking of something that is totally the opposite. For the less physical people among us, you can be brought up in a chair for a couple of RMB’s.




I know that for some of you this looks really terrible (and it is). But after living in Shanghai for almost two years now, we are really getting used to it. Only getting used to it, still not eating it! 🙂


Ready for our second part of the day!


People who are planning to do this: lubricate your calves well, because this is really a difficult journey. But it is a journey that makes every step count because of the views you get here!


Wooohooow! We reached the top. Now we need to go back down of course.


The Chinese are crazy about Westerners, so we are often asked to accompany the picture.


After this fantastic day we dine with our ‘gang’ in a cozy Chinese restaurant nearby the hotel.


Our second day here we explore Tunxi, it is the central district of Huangshan.

It has a population of 150,000 people and an area of 249 square meters.


We enjoyed every minute of this lovely weekend!

Did you also booked a trip with Dragon Adventures before? And what was your experience? Leave below in the comments!


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