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Road Trip USA – Day 15 – Universal Studios Hollywood

Today we plan a visit to the Universal Studios in Hollywood.

A trip to the North of Los Angeles. Universal Studios is a theme park-cum-movie that is still in operation. A 90min-long tour shows us the different sets and soundstages. We pass sets of Psycho, King Kong, Jaws, Fast and the Furious, War of the worlds, creating an earthquake, a tsunami and much more! Fun, fun, fun!


Welcome to Springfield, the large sign welcomes us into the city’s most beloved cartoon family: ‘The Simpsons!’

Moe’s tavern, the Kwik-E-Mart, Duff brewery, one by one, we have taken a look and laughed with the practical jokes that are hidden everywhere.


After the visit to Springfield, we descend to the many escalators to the lower level of the park. We find a Jurrasic Park area here with a Super Splash water ride, ‘The Mummy’-rollercoaster and the Transformers 4-D attraction.


Bananaaa time, in this park there is a Minion land! Everywhere we get to see the little yellow cuties.


Hogwarts is our next stop, the wonderful world of Harry Potter. Just really like the movies they have  Hogsmeade and Hogwarts castle recreated. We stare past the many shops like Honeydukes en Olivanders.


Time always flies when you have fun! For the evening is complete we want to try to get closer to the Hollywood sign, and we certainly succeed!


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