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Road Trip USA – Day 10&11 – San Francisco

A ride of three hours this morning, takes us from Fresno to San Francisco. Our first city we visit to “The Pacific Ocean”.

We enter through the Bay Bridge. The double-decker bridge that connects the island of San Francisco with the mainland. $7 gives us access to the city. We drive along the financial district. With the many high-rise buildings of the Bank of America and many other financial institutions interspersed with the many luxury hotels the city has to offer.

We search for our hotel on Lombard Street. Chelsea Motor Inn will be our sleep for the next two nights.

We’re going to eat in one of the famous San Francisco restaurants: “The Stinking Rose”. The restaurant promotes itself with the slogan “We top our garlic with food.”


Fresh smelling, we leave the table and go into the city. Our eyes falls on the No. 1 Canolli in the world. We must try this out and Holy Canolli, these are tasty! The pannacotta is of super quality, and we regret that we only have taken one.

It’s getting late, but we definitely want to see the Golden Gate Bridge today. So we drive along the marina to one of the many places that gives us an amazing view of the Golden Gate Bridge.


The second day we begin our day with a tour around Fishermans Wharf. The famous fishing port of San Francisco. The port offers a tourist area with numerous shops with all sorts of knick-knacks, souvenirs and other useless things you never need.


At Fishermans Wharf you will also find Pier 39. World famous for it’s large colony of sea lions. It is the ideal season, more than a hundred sea lions lie back to enjoy, play and roar on the pier.


An arcade museum attracts our attention. As in the previous years, you could find here all kinds of ‘love-testers’ and many other machines, all for the people’s entertainment. We exchange a few dollars and try some of these machines.


When you’re here you have to taste the crab and bread bowl, you van buy them around every 5m.

To the strains of “Feeling Hot Hot Hot” of the Jamaican band that plays on the street corner, we enjoy all the goodies that they offer here.

We book a night tour of San Francisco, a two-hour tour that takes us through the most beautiful places San Francisco has to offer. We pass a few nice spots that offer stunning views of the Golden Gate Bridge and the skyline of San Francisco.


After the tour we stop at Union Square, the heart of San Francisco.

A lot of stores here, such as Macy’s, Saks Fifth Avenue have earned their place here. We take an original Cable Car Tram to our hotel.


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