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Road trip USA – Day 4 – From Williams to Page


At 8 AM we’re already in the car for a ride to Williams. The gateway to the Grand Canyon. The sun today can not be seen immediately and the temperature goes 25 degrees down… Oh boy, are we lucky we only brought summer clothes with us! 🙂


We have breakfast at the local “Pine Country’ Restaurant. A good hearty American breakfast and of course we had to try a sample of their homemade Cherry Pie. Bring it on!


We pass Bearizona, a drive-through animal park.


Keep the windows all the way up to the bears and wolves section …

It starts quietly with some deer and mountain goats but then we pass the wolves section. Pretty scary when they keep on staring straight to your eyes.


Time for some bears.


Next stop: The Grand Canyon.

Here we have a bit of a bummer… The bad weather hangs enormous over the Grand Canyon and has been transformed into a Grand Fog! Here and there we get a view we still can enjoy.


After the Grand Canyon we drive through the North Rim direction ‘The Little Colorado Canyon’.

As we descend many meters, we have a completely different climate and here we can enjoy the splendor and beauty of the mini-canyon! Our day can not go wrong!


Let’s go to Page! Still a 120km to go and the closer we get to Page, the more we can see the Red Canyons! A wonderful spectacle of how the fauna and flora could change, just a stone’s throw from each other.


We check in at our hotel for tonight, suitcases quickly unload, little freshen up and go search for the Horseshoe Bend. Horseshoe Bend is a horseshoe-shaped section of the Colorado River. After a short hike we arrived and we have a wonderful view of this incredible panorama.

Warning: this is not something for people with vertigo .. ?


Afterwards we go to “Big John’s Texas BBQ” to have dinner.

Baby Ribs, pulled beef, served with beans and potato salad, do I need to say more?

Too much to eat for one person, but oooooh so good! 🙂


Along the way we see that this evening, a National Rodeo would take place here in Page, and this we certainly do not want to miss!

HOOOOOOWDEEE FOLKS!!! Cow Catching, Clows Rodeo, Barrel Racing and Bull Riding!!

We’ve seen it all! The image fits perfectly, a large stand, the best presenter, and cool cowboys and cowgirls who give the best of themselves in front of an exuberant crowd! We loved it!


Completely frozen, remember the temperature drop, we return to our hotel for this night.
Ready to dream about our wonderful time here!


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