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Wanderlust Blues

Yes, we all know that Wanderlust Addicts have sometimes the blues called: JET LAG!

Fatigue and disorientation occur when the body’s natural time setting goes awry while traveling across time zones.

The symptoms:

  • exhaustion
  • low energy
  • loss of focus
  • confusion
  • headaches
  • difficulty falling a sleep at night
  • when the body is no longer in sync with the environment’s rhythm


Medical solutions:

  • Melatonin is a well-know treatment for insomnia and jet lag and it helps rebalance the body’s circadian rhythm. An increase in Melatonin tells the body that night time is approaching, and triggers sleep.


Go natural:

If you are not keen on medication, these other random tips can help combat jet lag:

  1. A few days before you travel, gradually adjust your sleep schedule closer to the time zone of your destination to minimise the imbalance to your ‘body clock’.
  2. Consume caffeine only in the morning so your body can adapt better and it is easier to fall asleep at night
  3. Get as much daylight as you can. Daylight makes you feel better, unless you’ve been up all night
  4. Do some exercise to boost your endorphins and stretch out some of the kinks from a long flight
  5. Drink plenty of water onboard to keep yourself hydrated, try to avoid alcohol and coffee.
  6. Use a nasal spray to avoid a dry nose
  7. Set your watch to the time at your destination as soon as you begin your flight
  8. The first days you arrive at your destination: keep calm and give your body the time to recover and get used to the new environment
  9. Have a protein-rich breakfast the morning after you arrive. It will help with alertness
  10. Last but not least, when you enjoy your vacation to the max you certainly will forget it fast that you ever had a jet lag to begin with.


Hoped you enjoyed reading my top 10 tips. Do you have some other tips to beat a jet lag? Leave your comments below please, thanks!


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