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Road trip USA – Day 3 – From Needles to Williams

Good morning sunshine!
We’re closer to the border of Arizona and this we feel good on the temperature. The peak this morning was around 28 degrees! Lovely!

After a nice breakfast and a lengthy chat with the hostess of the hotel we set off. We first explore further the town of Needles before we continue our journey.


We continue to Williams, and we do this in a traditional way. We follow the Original Route 66 “The Mother Road” as they call it..


Our first stop is Oatman, along the Golden Shores we get stunning panoramas. Behind every bend there lies a “waaaaaauw-moment!”

Once arrived, there in huge traffic on the road. Taffic? On Route 66? What’s here happening?

Every year there is a big motorcycle event in Oatman. Up to 500,000 visitors in four days.

We put the car on the roadside and continue on foot. Harley Davidson, everywhere. With thousands of them! Oh by the way, we also think that the traffic came through the donkeys on the streets. Oatman is an old mining town, and donkeys were used to bring the mine carts in the mines. The miners have left the city and the animals have left them (that’s how the legend goes).


Next stop: Kingman! Time to give our race machine a nice drink at the local gas station, where we pay  2.2 dollars/gallon, converted as a 2 euro for 4 liters of petrol …
At the visitor center we ask some information for our driving route.


Lets go to Seligman! The Birthplace of the Route 66! This is “the place to be if you love the 50’s!”

It’s a throwback in time, this town! Gas stations in original condition in which the control still happens personal, kitschy motels, souvenir shops with the most wrong things and the most delicious milkshake we drink in “Snow Cap”. The moment of the night arrives: ‘Friday Night Cruising’.

All city residents get their beautiful old antique cars out of stall and go cruising down the street.

80-ers who drive their vintage muscle car and enjoy and wave to the people, just like in the good old days, it can not get any better than this.


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