During the Chinese October holiday we go to Phuket!

On these 8 days we do a lot of activities. We go to different beautiful islands, snorkel, dive, watch a snake show & a monkey show, went to a shooting range and so much more.

Read more if you want a vacation in Phuket that you will never forget in your life!


We fly with China Eastern Airlines and we have non-stop flight to Phuket International Airport! We booked our trip with Ebookers.

Our hotel we choose was “Thavorn Beach Village Resort” and let me tell you, this is heaven on paradise!

The rooms were clean and big enough, we had our own terrace and from up the terrace we could dive into the swimming pool. The hotel also has his own private beach, with excellent cocktails, which is also very important if you ask me!

Let me take you to a tour around the hotel:

The surrounding:


Private beach & swimming pool:


Our first day here and we immediately go out the hotel and search for some adventure!

We hire a scooter in the hotel and within a drive of 10 minutes we arrive the center of Phuket.

We stop by a few temples and eat a delicious pancake with bananas and nutella… Aaaah, perfect combi!


We also visit a food-market that has an incredible selection of delicious seafood!


Afterwards we walk through the well-known street “Bangla Walking Street”.

A must visit! You can find a lot of bars and restaurants here and all over the street there’s a lot of entertainment so you will and can not get bored here.


After a good but short rest and after a delicious breakfast at the hotel, we are ready for our second day:

On the back of an elephant, we enter through the jungle.

Oh, and don’t worry if you didn’t book any tours in advance. You can book a lot of activities in the hotel but also outside the hotel you’ll find a lot of places where they offer you all kind of tours and excursions.


We also see a cute baby elephant and we get the chance to feed it with little bananas.

After this incredible experience we go quad biking through the jungle, off-road.

Along the way we stop at the Big Buddha, it is one of the most important monuments of this island.

The huge Buddha sits on top of the Nakkerd Hills between Chalong and Kata and is 45 meters high.

Once upstairs it offers a 360-degree stunning view of the island. From here you can see the city of Phuket, Kata, Karon beaches, Chalong Bay and much more.

A must-see if you visit Phuket!


Now some time to check of an item on our bucket-list!

We go to: Tiger Kingdom Phuket“Playing with Tigers in enclosure without chains.”

Here you will find amazing Indonesian tigers of different ages and sizes.

All tigers are tamed here since the first day of their lives by experienced trainers.


Once in a lifetime experience! WOW!


Next on our program: Phuket Cobra Show

We get an impressive show with cobras, tiger snakes, boa constrictors,…

Or let me express it in other words, the man was absolutely insane! He kissed and teased the snakes and even swim with a boa constrictor in really black water, so no one of the people present, was really sure if he would make it alive. Luckily, he did.


Time for some monkey-show. It’s really incredible to see how many tricks the monkeys can do.

They can bike, count, throw a ball, swim, do some weightlifting,…

Also, before the show starts, we can buy some dried bananas and feed them to the monkeys.


We also had our first experience at the shooting range.


We also visit a typical local market where we can try all kinds of delicious food Phuket has to offer.


Cozy dining along the side of the beach and the sea? Count me in!


Phi-Phi Island

The island became known worldwide as Ko Phi Phi Leh was used as the location for the British-American film: The Beach.

By they way, you can easily get to Phi Phi with the ferry! Click here if you want to look at the schedule.


We also booked a dive here in Phi Phi but unfortunately we didn’t had a nice visibility.


After this relaxing day we decided to spend our evening in the hotel. We enjoyed our dinner and meanwhile we’re stunned by the views we get from the private beach.


Coral Island & Racha Island:

In Racha Island we make our second dive during this vacation! We are supported by a fantastic instructor Maria, who teaches us all the tricks of the trade! (If you would like to have here contacts, please send us an email).


After the second dive, it seems we both have a new hobby!

It’s great to stay in this magical world.

In the evening we return back to our favorite restaurant and enjoy all their delights they have to offer here!


Our trip to Phuket has almost come to an end. Our last day we hire again a scooter in the hotel to drive next to the lovely beaches. We also have a fun-ride with the jetski.



  • Did you ever go to Phuket? What was your favorite activity you did there? Please let us know in the comments!

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